Work program

Work program

Indicative review plan 2021

The Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports will review and audit the performance of functions and exercise of powers by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment in regulating livestock exports under the Export Control Act 2020. This review program is independent to the internal audit and performance management programs of the department and will be publicly reported.

The position of inspector-general was established as part of the government’s response to the independent ‘Review of the Regulatory Capability and Culture of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in the Regulation of Live Animal Exports September 2018’ undertaken by Mr Philip Moss AM, specifically Recommendation 15. Accordingly, this work plan is informed by the findings of the Moss Review and the department’s response.

Schedule of reviews

Livestock export permits and health certificates

A review of the department’s processes and systems that support decisions regarding livestock export permits and health certificates.

This review will examine:

  • legislative requirements, objectives, principles and criteria that guide export permit and health certificate decisions
  • approach to accessibility, transparency and consultation in the livestock export permit and heath certificate decision making process
  • systems, guidance and information that supports applicants and the community in understanding livestock export permits and health certificates
  • the effectiveness and efficiency of the administration of export permits and health certificates
  • the Fremantle model for managing rejected livestock.

Livestock export approved arrangements and export licenses

An assessment of the effectiveness of the department’s decision making for livestock export licenses and the system of approved arrangements under the Export Control (Animals) Rules 2021.

This review will consider:

  • the department’s processes for recognition of livestock export approved arrangements within Australia
  • effectiveness of approved arrangements in achieving animal welfare outcomes
  • effectiveness of the department’s regulatory oversight of approved arrangements
  • the efficiency of approved arrangements for the department and for industry
  • the process and decision making involved in issuing, suspending or cancelling a livestock export license.

Efficacy of stakeholder engagement and response to external inquiries, reports, complaints, allegations and incidents

An assessment of how effective the department engages with all its livestock export stakeholders.

This review will consider:

  • the methods, techniques and fora the department employs to engage stakeholders
  • the level and type of engagement used
  • how the department receives, investigates and responds to inquiries, reports, complaints, allegations and incidents
  • the systems, processes and timeliness of responses and how issues are resolved.

Information technology requirements for improved regulatory practice

A review of the process of planning and implementing IT requirements for improved regulatory practice.

This review will examine:

  • how any new systems will support data and intelligence analytics to:
    • target regulatory effort
    • contribute to the body of knowledge on risk mitigation to animal health and welfare
    • contribute to better regulatory practice.
  • departmental data requirements to efficiently regulate non-compliance
  • data requirements to efficiently integrate live animal export regulatory interaction across the department
  • how any new systems will provide for more streamlined industry interaction and department decision making
  • how the department will future proof its data systems and capability.

Implementation of the Export Control Act 2020 and Export Control (Animals) Rules 2021

A review of the department’s implementation of the new export control Act with regards to livestock exports.

This review will examine:

  • how the department implements the new Export Control (Animals) Rules 2021, effective from April 2021
  • how the new legislation will improve the department’s regulatory practice in relation to livestock exports.

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